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Omsk Philharmonic Orchestra will perform "Symphony for Dasha"

On October, 21 at the Concert Hall of Omsk Philharmonic will give a benefit concert in support of Omsk girl and person under care of Raduga Center Dasha Parkhomenko. This little girl with an angelic appearance suffers insidious disease "rheumatoid arthritis" which is more common in older people. Strong joint pains give the child no chance to rejoice at life. The expensive drug "Humira" provides welcome relief. Before Dasha’s inclusion in the list of MOH funding there is an issue of acquisition of the drug –100 000 needed for further treatment, which already gives a positive effect.
The Artistic director and chief conductor of the Omsk Academic Symphony Orchestra Dmitry Vasiliev and the whole large group of musicians offered their help to a little girl. «Symphony for Dasha» is a benefit concert, in which well-known and beloved works by Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Brahms will be performed. The highlight of the project will be a performance of Leopold Mozart "Children's Symphony", where the listeners along with the musicians should be involved in the performance. All for one purpose - to support little Dasha Parkhomenko in her fight against disease.
There is another reason for the event. October 20 Dasha will be six years old. The concert will be a unique gift for her. All funds collected from the tickets sale, as well as voluntary donations will be given to Dasha’s parents for the acquisition of medicines.
The concert will start at 17.00 h. Price of tickets - 100 rubles. For VIP-seats– 500 rubles.

Оригинал взят у music_gazeta в The opera company of Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Jalil goes on to

The opera company of Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Jalil goes on tour in Europe.

The Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Jalil begins the traditional tour to Europe in October 7, 2012. In October and November the State Opera of Tatarstan spectators from the Netherlands and Belgium will see the staging of "Turandot" (premiere) and "La Traviata». The operas will be performed in the largest cities of the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Hague, Gouda, Apeldoorn, Alkmaar, Amstelveen, Breda, and Roermond. Within the month and a half artists will give 34 performances.

Soloists, orchestra and choir members of The Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Jalil as well as guest stars Ahmed Agadi (Mariinsky Theatre), Oksana Kramareva, Sergei Kovnir, Lilia Grevtsova, Alla Rodina, Dmitry Kuzmin (Taras Shevchenko National Opera House of Ukraine), Gulzat Daurbaeva, Jannat Baktay, Nurzhan Bazhekenov (Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Abai), Dmitry Polkopin, Genghis Ayusheyev (Moscow Academic Musical Theatre named after K. Stanislavsky & V. Nemirovich-Danchenko), Tatiana Gavrilova, Stanislav Trifonov, Vladimir Gromov (National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus) and others are going to take part in the performance. At conductor’s stand there will be the principal conductor of the theater 

Renat Salavatov and Alla Moskalenko (Ukraine).

The Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Jalil is one of the most "travelling" music groups of Tatarstan: since 1993  the theater has been going on tour to Western Europe (Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland), giving up to 150 abroad  performances  per concert season. Among Russian theaters only the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg is ahead of Kazan Opera Company according to the total number of tours 

In 2012/2013 season the opera company of Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Jalil will have four large-scale tours: Opera Company will perform in October and November in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Kazan Ballet tour is going to take place from November to February (Norway, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands). Opera Company will go again on a six-week tour in late February 2013, the Spartacus ballet is going to be performed in April 2013

Emir Kusturica is going to visit «Dostoevsky famous sites» in Omsk

Famous Bosnian film director and musician Emir Kusturica is planning to appear on the stage together with the legendary The No Smoking Orchestra. He is about to give performance in Omsk on November 8. During his stay in Omsk Emir Kusturica to see "Dostoevsky famous sites".


This fall Emir Kusturicaand folk-rock group “The No Smoking Orchestra” visit Omsk for the first time. The musicians are going to give a single concert in Philharmonic Concert Hall within the scope of their Russian tour.

In the final part of the concert Emir Kusturica’s admirers will be able to talk to the legendary film director in the format "free microphone."

During their visit the musicians plan to see Omsk cultural and historical places associated with the name of Fyodor Dostoevsky. Emir Kusturica’s interest in biography of Fyodor Dostoevsky can be explained his intention to write a book «My dear Fyodor», which is dedicated to Russian writer. Possibly, the plot of this book should form the basis of the script for the next film by Kusturica.

In an interview, the director shared the concept of the book:

«A film director is dreaming about shooting the film «Crime and Punishment», but he cannot find money for his movie. Then he meets a rich man, who offers him to kill his wife for money. And when the main character finds himself in the same situation as Raskolnikov, he raises the question: Why did Raskolnikov think about the murder so many times?

Because it is too simple: you can go to the nearest supermarket, buy an ax and then money is in your pocket! Then is appears that living without ideals in our time is so easy and simple. We rarely ask ourselves the questions about moral, good and evil.  This is very bad».

Эмир Кустурица посетит «места Достоевского» в Омске http://music-gazeta.com/article/3640/

Кент Нагано назначен музыкальным директором Гамбургской Штаатсопер и Гамбургского филармонического оркестраhttp://music-gazeta.com/article/3624/

Звезда британского рока намерен написать оперу "для подрастающего поколения" http://music-gazeta.com/article/3631/

Большой театр представляет первую балетную премьеру нового сезона - "Аполлон Мусагет" http://music-gazeta.com/article/3632/

Киевский «Геревень» пермской сборки http://music-gazeta.com/article/3629/

В Новосибирском театре оперы и балета прозвучат Чайковский, Стравинский и Шуберт http://music-gazeta.com/article/3633/

Дирижер Василий Петренко удостоен музыкальной награды Великобритании Classic BRIT Awards 2012 http://music-gazeta.com/article/3630/

В Самарской филармонии открылся фестиваль "Дни высокой музыки" http://music-gazeta.com/article/3637/

Екатеринбургский театр оперы и балета покажет "Графа Ори" на фестивале в честь своего 100-летия.http://music-gazeta.com/article/3634/

"Виртуозы Москвы" открывают абонемент в Доме музыки http://music-gazeta.com/article/3636/

Владимир Путин поздравил коллектив Всероссийского музейного объединения музыкальной культуры имени М.И. Глинки со столетием http://music-gazeta.com/article/3635/

Владимир Юровский и Лондонский филармонический оркестр представили лондонской публике фрагменты из оперы "Война и мир" Прокофьева http://music-gazeta.com/article/3639/

В Риге пройдет фестиваль неприрученной музыки "Лес звуков" http://music-gazeta.com/article/3638/

Conductor Vasily Petrenko awarded the prestigious British music award Classic BRIT Awards 2012

Principal Guest Conductor of the Mikhailovsky Theatre Vasily Petrenko awarded the prestigious British music award Classic BRIT Awards 2012 as "the Artist of the Year." Russian maestro won the award for the second time.

 In 2010, he was recognized as the best performer for the recording of Shostakovich's symphonies. This year the conductor competed in the prestigious nomination with such world stars as singer Andrea Bocelli and pianist Lang Lang. Albums recorded with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra brought him tremendous success. Works of Dmitri Shostakovich, Sergei Rachmaninoff are present on the CDs.

Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and Schubert will be performed in Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater

On October, 6 the artistic director and principal conductor of Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater Ainars Rubikis and the Symphony Orchestra of Novosibirsk Theater will present the concert program of classical composers’ compositions.

In the program there are: Tchaikovsky Concert for violin and orchestra which is one of vertices of playing the violin; Symphony in Three Movements by Igor Stravinsky, composed in post war time and, from the stories told by the composer, telling about the war; and the most ambitious of the Schubert symphonies – The Ninth Symphony, known as the "Great C major Symphony."

The violin part in Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto will be performed by Olga Mikhailova a graduate of the M.I. Glinka Novosibirsk Conservatory, familiar to the audience as a soloist of summer concert Gaudeamus-Gala. The concert is a sophisticated virtuoso piece in the violin repertoire; it allows showing all the virtuoso abilities of instruments and soloists. However, it continues the lyrical symphonic genre by Tchaikovsky. The Violin Concerto is a compulsory piece at the prestigious P.I. Tchaikovsky International Competition, and its performance is the high level landmark.

"Symphony in Three Movements" by Stravinsky belongs to a different ideological direction. This is “ …the experience of our hard life, with its rapidly changing events, despair and hope, with its incessant torment, extreme tension, and finally, some enlightenment, left no trace in the symphony” (I. Stravinskiy). The piece is almost modern, complicated by language, full of hidden meanings, that is certainly true in our time.

The Monumental Symphony Nr. 9 by Franz Schubert will be the apotheosis of the concert. This epic Symphony is the last work in the composer’s creative way. It is radically different from the previous opuses.

“… Gigantic piece, wherein the huge size and great power and richness of inspiration” (P. Tchaikovsky).

“Vienna with its Cathedral of Saint Stephen, beautiful women, with its entire splendor, belted by Danube countless ribbons, nestled in the blooming valley gradually turning into higher mountains... The charming landscape in front of our eyes makes sound the strings, which otherwise would never have sounded in us...” (R.Schumann).

Olga Mikhailova (violin) and The Symphony Orchestra of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre will take part in the concert. Conductor - Music Director and Chief Conductor of the theater, Laureate of International Conducting Competition Ainars Rubikis. 

Russian National Orchestra Performs in London

Russian National Orchestra will participate in a “War and Peace” musical project within a traditional SHELL CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL concerts  supported by Southbank Centre.

A 3-days “War and Peace” Festival will present music of Russian and English composers of the 20th century preformed by London Philharmonic and Russian National Orchestra. These two orchestras are connected with one of the most talented conductors Vladimir Jurovsky who founded the project. For almost ten years he was a guest conductor of the Russian National Orchestra and did a lot of programmes in Russia and abroad. In 2007 Maestro Jurovsky became an 11th Chief conductor of the London Philharmonic.

On October, 3 Vladimir Jurovsky and LPO will present Sinfonia da Requiem by B. Britten, excerpts from Prokofiev’s “War and Peace” opera and Viola concerto by W.Walton with Lawrence Power as a soloist.

On October, 4  RNO will perform in Royal Festival Hall. The programme includes Symphony №6  by Vaughan-Williams and Prokofiev №5.

The culmination of the project is supposed to be an unexampled joint concert on October, 5: both orchestras' best musicians combined in one big orchestra will perform Tchaikovsky Overture “1812”, Britten Lachrymae, Reflections on a song of Dowland for viola and string orchestra (Lawrence Power) and  the “Leningrad” Symphony by Shostakovich.
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